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Comfortable printed lounger in Australia by Canes Venatici

At Canes Venatici Australia, we try to make sure that you get the best things for your dog when you shop online with us. Here, the offered lounger by us at the right price will make sure that you get better value of money. Such products are crafted to suit all size and type of canines.

With multiple unique pet accessories and other products, we will make sure that you get exactly what you seek. Make your pup feel comfortable with the BugzFree range of products we offer; which is the perfect blend of style, comfort and safety.

Why Lounger For The Four Legged Friend?

  • One of the most things loved by any pup is SLEEP. As per the surveys, the dog snoozes up to 12 hours a day. Thus, it becomes more important to give them a comfortable place and printed lounger to sleep.
  • Made with industry best fabric, they are perfect blend of comfort and style for any size of the canine. It is ideal for the dogs that have the habit of tossing and turning in their sleep.
  • Our lounger is not Bugzfree and water repellent. So take this point off.
  • Our lounger has extra cushion in the middle, which gives the highest level of comfort to your pet.
  • The texture is soft and with machine washable tendency, they are the best ones to go for. Value of money for such printed lounger is here for the taking.
  • Such orthopedic place to rest will help them with better level of comfort. The beds can offer pain relief for the aged ones and help alleviate the joint paint for the younger ones.
  • These loungers can be a boon for the canines that suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or bone and soft tissue injuries.

So, are you ready to find the best sleeping solutions for your furry friend, then visiting us at Canes Venatici will be the perfect choice. The range of products we offer is simply stunning and apart from the above-mentioned printed lounger in Australia, we offer crate pads, flat beds, water repellant crate pad, flat bed, donut bed as well.

DISCOUNTED RATES for all the products. Visit the website and browse through a plethora of options to work with. We understand your impasse and that is why, we also offer tailor made suggestions as per your past purchase and searches.

Customer Support Are Available 24*7

Join us today and ensure that your pup will have all the comfort in the world. They deserve to be spoiled with such amazing products after all the love and affection we get from them. The sparkle in their eyes after a good round of fetch and after an amazing sleep is worth all the effort.

Make sure to get in touch with our experts at Canes Venatici. We welcome you in the world of best in class pet products with proper value of money. Call 0420353424 or email us at!