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Wide Range Of Pets Clothing in Australia by Canes Venatici

Having proper clothing is what we all seek and the same can be said for our furry friends. Don’t you think they will love all the attention and compliments given to them? We at Canes Venatici loudly announcing that we have made some amazing looking BUGZFREE t-shirt for dogs at best in class price tag.

The t-shirts will make them look amazing and they can also get much needed protection against weather conditions. The BugzFree ranges of clothing we offer have yield some amazing results for us. It works as the best Insect Repellent and thus gives the pets, an amazing protection from bugs, fleas, mosquitos and ticks.

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Your pup will be happy to wear the high quality and colorful t-shirts we offer. The t-shirts are manufactured in such a manner that they offer comfort and style. The lightweight and breathable tendency makes them a desirable choice for the dogs; they simply love such clothing.

The blend of Bugzfree technology by Canes Venatici makes them even more desirable. The DEET formula tightly holds on to the fabric of the clothing and lasts for a lifetime of the whole apparel.

Such dogs clothing is high in demand and thus we ensure that you get the perfect product with the money spent.

What Makes Bugzfree T-shirt Different?

  • The fabric is very smooth on skin so no allergic or discomfort to the dog can be noticed.
  • Once the dog wears such apparel, they will get added protection from ticks, flies and mosquitoes due to the BugzFree NANO technology.
  • The clothing will last for a long time to come. Durability is what we offer and they have the tendency to last through 25 launderings – which is an average lifetime of any apparel.
  • Nothing beats comfort and style we offer. Make your dog look the coolest when you walk them to the park and let them enjoy all the attention and admiration.

At Canes Venatici, we keep the needs of the pup before anything else. The use of soft materials for protection against rash along with styles to suit any sort of occasions is here for the taking. Stack the puppy wardrobe with some stylish looking clothing.

The range of products we offer is high and that is what makes us different to other peers in the market. We deliver on time and at the doorstep. Once the ordered product is here and if an issue arises, you can always use our easy return policy and get it exchanged. TRANSPERACY is what we sought after and try to bring in our daily work operations. Wait no more to get in touch with us and you will be glad to see the pooch in some amazing looking clothing.

Our experts at Canes Venatici welcome you in the world of best in class pet products. Call 0420353424 or email us at enquiry@beds4pets.com.au!