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BUGZFREE Crate Pad – A Cozy Space for Canine to Snuggle

Dog crate pad is the perfect place for the beloved family member to unwind. Getting much needed rest after playing fetch is what they seek and having a comfortable crate pad by Canes Venatici can just do the trick. The warm, comfy and smooth pad can give much needed rest to the pet. Our crate pad are Bugzfree from both the side and hey are specially crafted to suit all types, size and age group. Training them to use the crate pad from an early age can do the trick here.

Go with the BUGZFREE crate pad online offered by us and you will be glad to have made the right decision. The pups can get much needed space and their own environment to flourish.

Read more to find out about making the right selection for your four-legged pal!

Dog Crate pad by Canes Venatici - Comfort You Can Trust!

Crate pad made from varieties of fabrics and features that can withstand constant use scratching and chewing. Our pads will create a shield for your pup and will be safeguarded from bugs.

With the use of DEET formula, Bugzfree Crate Pad that is odorless and offers much needed for the pooch and the owner as well. At Canes Venatici, we are the only makers of Bugzfree crate pad in Australia and that gives us an edge over other contemporaries in the market.

Key Benefits

The mats are self-warming and thus they use the body heat to reversible beds and it is ideally suited for indoor/outdoor applications in any sort of weather conditions.

The duel side filling on the pads will work best for its orthopedic support; especially for large size dogs. As the Bugzfree Repellent Apparel has proved to be a worthy spent against protection from ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges, it is highly regarded.

Buy Bugzfree crate pad online with cushioned bolsters are here for the taking as well and as the insect repellence near the skin instead of on it, there is not issuer of allergic reactions to it. Long lasting repellent works for a considerate time before re-application.

The usual materials used to craft them are soft micro fleece, Sherpa, cotton, and polyester. They offer amazing scentless bug assurance for your canine in the price tag.

It is machine washable, easy to maintain, long lasting & value for money product.

Transform the Life Of your Canine!

We at Canes Venatici will offer a range of accessories to go with the dog crate pad. We operate on a very salient yet effective philosophy. To offer uttermost client satisfaction by offering products of the highest standard. With time, we have established a firm client base that will serve the needs of all in no time.

Our products for the pets have earned a good name and such positive rapport has helped us sustain in the market for long and establish a firm foothold. Wait no more and get in touch with us today.

Take benefit of our 24*7 support. Call 0420353424 or email us at enquiry@beds4pets.com.au TODAY!